Two charged after arrow exits deer and ends up in house

October 25, 2010 3:30:12 PM PDT
Police in Ramapo have charged two men for firing a crossbow at a deer that ended up in a house.

"Just a thump. That's all I heard," said Ciril Cohen.

Cohen now knows that thump was much more than nothing. It was an arrow that narrowly missed the front window of her Suffern home.

Police say about 7:20 Sunday night, two men in a car on Carlton road in Suffern shot a deer with a crossbow. The arrow went through the animal and lodged into the home just below the window where Mrs. Cohen often sits. Neighbors say the deer stumbled across the street to some woods and died.

"The cops came to the door and said by the way, did you see the outside, the arrow. And I said what arrow, you know, the blood. I said, oh, usually I'm sitting there reading. She said you're just lucky it was a foot below because if it would have been higher - it would have killed you," adds Cohen.

Ramapo police arrested 43-year-old Abraham Fischbein of Greene County in upstate New York and 47-year-old Lee Jones, a lifelong resident of Suffern. Both men face a felony charge of reckless endangerment.

Police showed Eyewitness News the camouflaged, high-powered, compound crossbow they recovered from Jones' vehicle.

"Like a bow and arrow but it's actually more powerful than a traditional bow so it's a very dangerous weapon.'Had the arrow not hit a wall and gone through a window, we could have had tragic results," said Captain Brad Weidel.

In court this afternoon, Mr. Fischbein through his attorney and Mr. Jones, through is public defender pleaded not guilty. What could possibly possess someone to think it's o-k to fire a crossbow from a car in a residential area

"He himself realizes how foolish it is to fire a bow and arrow in a populated neighborhood and god forbid, injure somebody. But he didn't commit the criminal act," said Kenneth Gribetz, Fischbein's attorney.

Both Fischbein and Jones were charged additionally by the Department of Environmental Conservation officers with the following unclassified misdemeanors.

  • shooting within 500' of a dwelling
  • shooting across a public highway
  • take a deer with implement not specified
  • illegally take protected wildlife
  • hunt deer during closed hours
  • take deer with the aid of motor vehicle
  • hunt without a big a game license