Nasty weather headed our way?

October 26, 2010 1:43:20 PM PDT
Weather will likely top our news tonight. Meteorologist Lee Goldberg says this night will start out calm and then break out in thunderstorms.

Not everyone will get hit, but Lee says the storms that have rocked the Midwest are headed here. He's tracking the storms for us, tonight at 11.

We'll also have a bed bug story tonight, but this isn't your typical bed bug report. A school in our area found bed bugs and treated the campus for them. But that's when the real problem began, because the pesticides contaminated everything so much so that the school has been evacuated and decontaminating the place will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Charming. Our education reporter Art McFarland has the story.

Also at 11, they can try to spin it any way they want, but it can't be good news that the New York City Board of Elections, a week before the Nov. 2 mid-term vote, fired its new executive director.

George Gonzalez had been on the job only since August. He oversaw the primary election last month, the first time the City used electronic ballots. And there were lots of problems. Some polls opened later than they should have, many poll workers weren't adequately trained, and those new fangled voting machines have all sorts of breakdowns.

Mayor Bloomberg, who has something of a less-than-cordial history with the board, called its performance last month "a royal screw up."

So, is Mr. Gonzalez's firing a sign that there will be problems next Tuesday? Or does it show that the problems will be solved?

"Yes" may be the answer.

We'll have the latest on the board's action, and the political tides leading up to next week's election, tonight at 11.

And we're going to take a look at a new kind of vacation policy at some companies ? it's called "unlimited vacations." It's not an all-you-can-eat style of benefit, but it's a less rigid way of viewing days off. And it's especially appealing to projects-oriented companies. Sandra Bookman has our story tonight.

Finally, under the heading: He ought not have said that. Chile's President Sebastian Pinera, riding a huge wage of worldwide goodwill, stumbled a bit while visiting Germany. He has now offered his mea culpa for writing the slogan "Germany Above All" in a government guest visit to Berlin over the weekend. The slogan was infamous under Hitler, no shock, and after the war it was scratched from Germany's national anthem.

We'll also have any breaking news of the night, plus Scott Clark with the night's sports. I hope you can join Liz Cho and me, tonight at 11.


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