Husband talks about wife's death in storm

October 26, 2010 8:23:50 PM PDT
It's been 40 days, and Bill Levakis' pain is still unimaginable.

He keeps reliving the terrible night and the moment a tree landed on his car and crushed his wife Lena, right before his eyes.

"Boom. The tree fell down. I turned around, she was like a pancake. I hold her hand, 'Baby, get up!" Her hand was still hot, she was moving little bit, her hand. Two seconds later, no more," Levakis said.

Lena had been driving.

Bill was inches away in the passenger seat as the couple tried to navigate the Grand Central Parkway in sheets of rain.

Lena pulled to the shoulder of the road to ride out the storm and was about to pull away, when the historic Queens macroburst cut a swath right above them.

It toppled a giant tree and demolished their car.

Bill survived without a scratch.

"It's a horror. I mean, it's 100% better off being dead, than experiencing this," Levakis said.

A few years ago, Lena and Bill dropped everything back in Queens and built a life amid the rolling hills of Central Pennsylvania.

But forty days after her death, Bill says he's probably going to end up selling their house.

The memories there are just too painful.

The memories live behind the locked door of the spare bedroom. It's where Bill goes to visit the love of his life.

"I come when I want to talk to her, you know?" Levakis said.

He says she would want him to move on from this tragedy, but for now, he seems suspended in time.

He says he is left with nothing but his nightmares and pictures to keep him company.