One company tries giving unlimited vacation time

October 26, 2010 8:31:19 PM PDT
Who wouldn't want to be able to take unlimited vacations? We put that question to vacationers hanging out in Times Square.

"Would you like that? Oh yes, I mean who wouldn't like to do that," Mary Bates, a tourist.

"I wish I had an employer like that. That would be great," said Jenny Vanellemeet, a tourist.

Well, that is the new policy at a social media marketing company.

"I think this will be a really interesting lifestyle change for all of us involved," states Hasdeeh Bhatia, an employee.

"I'm planning to go to Cuba in March. It's nice to know, I don't have to save so many days for that," comments Mary Smith, an employee.

It is an idea becoming more popular, but it is not as much of a free-for-all as it sounds. The CEO says no one will be allowed to abuse the privilege.

"You can't dump your work on them and leave in the middle of the project," comments Maggie Fox, from a social media group.

Most companies have carefully counted days off and vacation have to be precisely planned. The unlimited vacation policy is a lot less rigid, although it comes with the expectation that the work will be done.

"It is vacation time, but I will use it more as flex time like taking extra days here and there," said Jeff Novak, an employee.

This will not work in some industries, like manufacturing. Or in many smaller workplaces.

"I think it's great, if you can do that. Larger corporations probably could but as a small business owner we couldn't do that," comments Terry Reed, a small business owner.

However, experts say where people focus on specific projects it can be a benefit.

"For particularly the millennial, the younger the generation where people who are multi-tasking and using technology every minute practically, this may sound very realistic to them," said Nina Cole from Ryerson University.

In this office, there seems to be little fear that staff will unexpectedly flee for France.

"I do believe that anyone that would take advantage of such a policy would be easily spotted," comments Jordan Benedet, an employee.

Of course, even an unlimited vacation policy has its limits.