Study: Manhattan street noise may be deafening

October 27, 2010 3:26:05 PM PDT
The crowds and chaos of Manhattan often give visitors a thrill. It turns out they may also be putting New Yorkers at risk of hearing loss.

In many parts of Manhattan, just walking the streets during the day exposes people to decibel levels that, over time, can damage people's ears. That's according to a study being released Wednesday as part of the International Conference on Urban Health at The New York Academy of Medicine.

The study found that some of Manhattan's noisiest spots were along the city's truck routes: along First Avenue above 14th Street and along Broadway in Inwood. Times Square and East Midtown were also among the most clamorous corners.

Study author professor Robyn Gershon says many New Yorkers may not realize they're impacted by the noise surrounding them.