New ways to work out

October 27, 2010 3:08:09 PM PDT
Once the weather starts turning colder, more people head inside to workout.

VIPR stands for vitality, performance and reconditioning, all of which comes from a tubular device at Equinox.

It's an integrated workout. The light VIPRS weigh 8 pounds, and the heavier ones 40 pounds.

Its creator saw how fit farmers were, compared to people who work out at gyms so that's how he came up with the VIPR.

Also featured is a spin class, with the added challenge of rubber bands that hang above each bike. You can grab the bands instead of the handle bars for a total body workout.

Its strength and and resistence training with pedaling that never stops, and when you incorporate the bands, your work your core with your biceps, triceps and back.

The bands class at Soul Cycle clocks in at an hour, but it flies.

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Bands Class

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