Warning issued over kids smoking incense in Ct.

October 27, 2010 2:41:31 PM PDT
School officials in Norwalk are warning parents about a dangerous substance they say students are smoking as an alternative to marijuana.

For principal Alaine Lane, something new to her after a female student at Richard Briggs High School in Norwalk had smoked herbal incense known as k2 or spice. The girl needed medical attention from a health aide.

The student told administrators the synthetic drug had been purchased a nearby skate shop.

Management at the store had no comment, but herbal incense is legal to sell and purchase and is readily available on the internet. There are warnings that the incense is not for human consumption, nevertheless there are plenty of YouTube videos showing people smoking and even comparing various brands as an alternative to marijuana.

Parents say they hope the substance is banned as it has been in a handful of states.

The head of the state's drug control division says the substances are being tested and in a statement adds, "Connecticut may eventually ban it but that would only address the possession and the purchases from within ct." in the meantime school officials say they will try and make students and parents aware of the risks."

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