Jersey City tries to prevent Halloween trouble

October 27, 2010 2:31:57 PM PDT
It seems just about everyone in Jersey City is gearing up for Halloween.

But if you walk into Martina's Deli, certain people will not be able to buy certain things.

Juan is making sure of that.

"Old people come in for one dozen eggs, I sell. But teenagers asking for 3 or 4 dozen? No. No. I don't," he said.

It is something Jersey City police are urging many other businesses here to do - not sell things shaving cream and other items to teenagers that are traditionally the weapon of choice on mischief night.

"Last Halloween, I was pelted. I was pelted with eggs on my car," Kenny Smith said.

Other police departments in our areas are doing similar things for what may seem like harmless fun, but many times ends in violence. That's what happened in 1998 in the Bronx. A man confronted a group of teenagers who egged his car. One of them shot and killed him.

"The big deal is that's the flash point for most of the problems in the city. A kid getting hit with an egg, he gets another friend, another friend and that's where the fights start between neighborhoods, in neighborhoods with families," Jersey City police director Samuel Jefferson said.

Jefferson says extra teams of officers will be out this weekend, strictly enforcing the city's 10:00 p.m. curfew.

Homeowners say they'll also keep an eye out. Vandals tend to target pumpkins and witches this time of year.

Jimmy Rodriguez grew up here and when it comes to Halloween, he likes what police are doing.

"Absolutely, that always instills a little bit of fear," he said.

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