Tips for keeping your kids from swearing

October 27, 2010 8:26:16 PM PDT
Anyone who knows kids knows they love to repeat what they hear.

The trouble is swearing is everywhere, from pop culture to politics.

Who can forget the notable from Vice President Joe Biden or tennis star Serena Williams venting her frustration?

So it's not surprising that new studies show children are cursing at a much younger age.

According to a psychology professor at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, kids are starting to swear at ages 3 and 4!

In Middle Village, little Justin's grandmother says she is not surprised at all.

"He picks up everything now. He's 2 1/2 and you have to watch what he says," said Roberta Guiffre, a grandmother.

Most parenting experts agree that the biggest source of swearing isn't from the media; instead it comes right from mom or dad.

"I think it's the way parents treat them. What they hear in their house is what they may use, you know?" said Johan Rendon, a parent.

"They think they need to worry about it more when their children are a little bit older and savvier, but the truth is, that preschoolers are like sponges, and they're picking up everything that they hear," said Diane Debrovner, of Parents Magazine.

The question is can we reverse the problem?

Experts say drawing attention to a curse word sometimes makes a child want to say it more.

Now there is something you can do is a parent.

If you find yourself about to swear, just try to come up with another word like, sugar.

Eventually, when your child is old enough, experts say a conversation about appropriate language is imperative.

Until then, the best form of prevention is pausing, and remembering that if you don't you may not hear the end of it.