Subway worker calls 911 after burnt meatball fight

October 29, 2010 7:11:58 AM PDT
It was a meatball meltdown at a Subway sandwich shop in Connecticut when a customer says her meatball sandwich was burned.

The customer got in an argument with some employees and the workers ended up calling 911.

The non-emergency call, Fairfield police said, came from a Subway in neighboring Southport where the caller says a customer is causing a problem inside the store.

When you listen to the entire 911 tape, you can hear a disagreement over a sandwich. Customer Tamekah Rudd is ordering and she takes exception to the meatballs.

"I call for the other guy to come take a look at it, because they're black, as if they're burnt," said Rudd.

It escalates into an argument. On the 911 tape, you can hear the dispatcher asking the employee if they felt threatened.

"He started threatening me as if they were going to do something," the employee said.

After Tamekah asks for the number to Subway's headquarters, a store employee calls 911.

"911 should be called for either threatened use of force or imminent use of force or a crime in progress, but (not) to report a burnt black meatball sandwich," said James Perez with the Fairfield Police Department.

The employee, who did not want to give his name, said he was dealing with the customer.

Neither the Subway employees nor Tamekah Rudd would talk to Eyewitness News.

Other customers did.

"I do think it reached a point of absurdity. I think 911 should be only for an emergency purpose," said Lucille Kear.

And whether it's a business like or a private home, Fairfield police say people have to know the difference between an emergency call and a non-emergency call.

"We don't teach people when and how to call 911. That's something that seems so simple, but yet it's deadly important," adds Perez.

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