Paladino defends party picture, Cuomo leads in polls

November 1, 2010 8:27:10 PM PDT
The latest polling shows Andrew Cuomo with little to worry about heading into Election Day.

Cuomo's leading by 25 points, 58 to 33.

Still he's leaving nothing for granted and blasted the Republicans, accusing them of trying to gain from fear and anger at Albany.

"The oldest political tactic in the book is to divide and conquer. You're not going to divide us, we're too smart for you, we know what you're trying to do," Cuomo said.

On the last day of campaigning, Carl Paladino found himself in hot water again.

A picture from Saturday night shows a friend of his just over Paladino's shoulder dressed in blackface.

The campaign said it was supposed to be Jimmy McMillan of the "Rent is Too Damn High" party.

He was one of those wacky candidates in the only debate of this campaign.

The campaign responded the photo saying it is nothing more than an unfortunate but funny face in a photograph with friends.

Black leaders in the city did not find it funny.

"It's clear to me that Carl Paladino is a political Neanderthal and an unrepentant bigot. He's offended blacks, he's offended gays, he's offended Jews, he's offended women," Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries said.

The Paladino campaign wrapped up in Buffalo and tried to end on a high note by contrasting Cuomo's tax cap plan with his own.

"He's going to slow the rate of growth, he says, you know how long that'll last. We're going to cut spending 20% and we're going to cut taxes 10%," Paladino said.



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