Randy Quaid, wife say they're 'Hollywood Refugees'

November 1, 2010 11:43:52 AM PDT
GMA interviewed Randy and Evi Quaid about their increasingly bizarre behavior. They say they fled to Canada to escape a Hollywood-focused mafia that has stalked them, bugged their phones and hacked into their computers.

"We are refugees ? we are Hollywood refugees," Evi Quaid said. They are "seeking to be left alone by the criminals in America."

Randy Quaid, 60, an Oscar-nominated actor, denied that he and his wife were on drugs or mentally unstable.

"To have my integrity and my reputation so denigrated so mercilessly - why?" he said. "Why would somebody want to do this to me?"

The Quaids are wanted in California by police who say they broke into and trashed their former Santa Barbara home. Also accused of skipping out on several heft hotel bills, the Quaids fled to Canada last month and were arrested in Vancouver on a warrant from California. They are now free on bond.

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