3 charged in CT Halloween superhero fight

From left to right, Vincent Decaro, Nicole Bitterle, Michael Sanchez

November 2, 2010 7:50:45 AM PDT
Police in Stamford had a comic book melee on their hands when they responded to a report of a fight involving Spiderman, Captain America and Poison Ivy.

The incident happened just after 1:30 a.m. on Halloween.

When officers arrived, they found a non-super hero victim on the ground being attacked by Captain America, while Spiderman launched a simultaneous attack on Captain America.

Officers quickly separated the combatants and determined that the non-costumed victim on the ground was Spiderman's father, and that he and Captain America had gotten into a dispute that turned physical. Spiderman then attacked Captain America.

At some point after the fight was broken up, Poison Ivy was able to hit Captain America once before she was taken into custody.

Officers later determined that in fact the combatants were not the real super heroes, merely regular people dressed in costumes.

Captain America was identified as 25-year-old Michael Sanchez, and police said Spiderman was actually 21-year-old Vincent Decaro. Poison Ivy was 18-year-old Nicole Bitterle, of Toms River, New Jersey.

Both super heroes and the villainess were arrested and released after posting bonds. They are scheduled to appear in court on November 12.

Sanchez is facing third-degree assault charges, while Decaro is charged with third-degree assault and interfering with a police officer. Bitterle was charged with breach of peace.

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