Election Day

November 2, 2010 12:42:09 PM PDT
I'm sure the new fangled electronic ballot counting machines are far easier to tabulate than the hand counting with the old fashioned lever ballot markers.

But as a voter, give me the old fashioned machines any day.

When I voted this morning, they pointed me toward the "privacy booths" - a series of u-shaped counters jammed against the wall and right next to each other.

So close, in fact, that no way could anyone squeeze in between. So close, that the only way to get to one was to slither sideways behind other voters. I felt compelled to touch one on the shoulder as a fair warning that I would be walking this-close behind them and had no intention of looking at how they were voting.

Although I could have.

Maybe they should change the name to semi-private booths.

Other than that, the voting process was smooth as silk. My scanner worked - although we're getting reports that some didn't. And the Election Day workers were friendly and most seemed to know what they were doing.

Now, its time to wait for the final voting, and then tabulate the ballots. Big statewide races in New York (Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, two U.S. Senate seats) and Connecticut (Governor and the U.S. Senate). We have more than a dozen Eyewitness News reporters on location at various candidate headquarters and celebration sites. We also have Bill Cunningham to provide some analysis. He's the former staffer for Mayor Michael Bloomberg and for Governors Hugh Carey and Mario Cuomo, and the former chief of staff to Sen. Daniel Moynihan.

Bill will be providing additional insight during our expanded election coverage on 7online.com. Diana Williams will be anchoring our web coverage, and you'll be able to participate during a live Facebook chat. You can also submit questions for Bill by clicking here.

Liz Cho and I will anchor our coverage tonight at 11, with Diana Williams looking at the national trends, including how the balance of power in Congress is unfolding, and Sade Baderinwa with analysis of the exit polling and why people voted the way the did.

We'll also have any breaking news of the night, plus Lee Goldberg's AccuWeather forecast, and Scott Clark with the night's sports, including the cancellation of tonight's Knicks game because of asbestos found at Madison Square Garden.

I hope you can join Liz and me tonight for an extended edition of Eyewitness News at 11.


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