Google Street View helps nab alleged drug dealers

November 11, 2010 2:44:36 PM PST
Google Street View pictures helped police snare accused drug dealers in Brooklyn.

Residents had been complaining for a long, long time about the corner in East Williamsburg, Jackson street and Kinglsand avenue, where drug-dealing was so prevalent.

You could go to Google Maps, you could call up a picture of the neighborhood and you'd see a number of men, out there so often. The shots from the Google Camera Car captured their pictures.

"I think that's great if the eye in the sky can catch a criminal," said Geraldine Stephen.

In fact the city's special narcotics prosecutor says Google definitely helps with surveillance, so do residents who, in this case, were persistent in complaining about the drug dealers.

"My son and I, we complained, I would say, ten times. My son, he even wrote to the mayor's office, which, now they've done something," said Theresa Favuzza.

What they did, was undercover surveillance, over a four month period and found the suspects and several others allegedly selling heroine and stuffing their product inside a lock box that they'd magnetically store behind a bodega sign, according to cops.

"Very skilled officers, who had their own undercover cameras...and so, we captured them on film that way, too," said Bridget Brennan, Special Narcotics Prosecutor.

The only concern now is will this corner stay drug free when the police decide to leave.

A total of 7 people have been charged.

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