NY strip clubs benefiting from tax breaks

November 16, 2010 2:14:56 PM PST
Tax breaks aren't that uncommon, but a decision that allows strip clubs to get thousands of dollars in breaks has a lot of people questioning whether they really deserve it.

It's enough to make some people hot and bothered and not in a good way.

"And for god sakes, no more giveaways to strip clubs at a time when we're fighting to hold onto every dollar...to deal with our fiscal crisis in New York City," said Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer.

The city now confirms that several strip clubs have received tax exemptions and so far, it all appears perfectly legal.

In Astoria, the Starlets Gentlelman's Club got a tax break of more than $10,000 this year, and what's even more shocking is the upscale Penthouse Executive Club on Manhattan's west side got $37,000 off its tax bill this year.

In each case the building's owners proving they were making improvements and physical changes that met the state's requirements.

The tax benefits fall under something called the industrial and commercial incentive program and it's designed to keep businesses and jobs in the city, but critics say over the years, the program has led to more and more abuse.

Until there is a change in the legislation, New Yorkers say who are we to strip these businesses of their perks?

The number of businesses getting the perks is now growing from under 200, two decades ago to over 6,000 now.

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