Surveillance: Morgue workers drag man's body

November 16, 2010 5:11:33 AM PST
It was a horrible sight for family members to see, their loved one's body being dragged by workers from a New York City morgue.

A surveillance video of the event showed that when the elevator door opened up in the man's apartment building, the coroner's office worker looked around as if to see if anyone was looking.

Then, he dragged the body out of the elevator and down the hall toward the doorway.

But that's not all.

He then dragged the body down the stairs toward the coroner's van, where he and his partner tossed the body in to the back of the van.

"I'm just very offended at the way his body was removed," said Sandy McBeth Tuitt, the deceased's sister.

Ropell McBeth died after a medicine mix up last year.

He was 54 years old

"I call him a sophisticated and gentle person who was my best friend," McBeth Tuitt said.

The deceased's sister is now filing a lawsuit against the city for emotional distress after seeing the surveillance tape of the incident.

"I think about it every day," McBeth Tuitt said.

"This is their profession," the deceased's brother said. "People have rights. It shows they don't like people very much."

But the family never would have even known about it, had it not been for the super, who witnessed it first hand.

The super was outraged by what he saw, and showed the video to the deceased's sister.

"I was pretty angry," the super said. "This could have been my family member. That's why I brought it to everybody's attention."

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