A playground for adults

January 26, 2011 3:04:43 PM PST
When the weather isn't great to go for a bike ride, it is perfect to visit Jungle Gym in Chelsea Piers.

The theme of the gym is larger than life with a variety of group classes, Olympic rings, resistance bands, boxes, and ropes all for a variety of moves.

The biggest challenge may be getting across the monkey bars.

"Our real objective is to reintroduce adults to healthy activities they did as kids", said Josh Fly, the Director of Personal Training.

There's so much space and light you feel like you're outside, and it is a healthy way of feeling like a kid again.

"We do a lot of body weight exercises here, you may not be able to climb all the way but the bands and other things help you build upper body strength", said Fly.

There is plenty to do from the bars to climbing hills, plus a treadmill class that gets you sprinting.

Bikers can race against the person on the next bike with their entire ride shown on a course in a screen in front of all the bikes, you may even collide with one another but won't fall off the actual bike or even get cold.

On an X-Dream bike you get to pretend your riding on a real hill since the handle bars move unlike most stationary bikes, except the fact that these hills are man made.

"It gives you a lot more movement so you can lean in, using your upper body a little more", said Fly.

Rather than riding in the snow or rain, Jungle Gym brings the outside inside.

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