Haitian students targeted at Elizabeth High School

The News Leader

November 19, 2010 2:22:08 PM PST
An Eyewitness News exclusive - local students attacked and beaten at school. Crying on the street across from Elizabeth High School, Regine Augustin says she is too scared to go in. She doesn't want to get beat up again and she is not alone.

She and other Haitian juniors and seniors have had enough. Just 2 days ago, Carline Jean was surrounded by a group of boys and punched in the face on school grounds. Her lip is still swollen.

The principal says he has video of the attack and is in the process of identifying the boys involved.

"I want them to stop the fighting," Jean said.

Jerome Dunn is an assistant superintendent in the district. He came to the school when he got word of what was happening.

"Right now we are gonna get to the bottom who's responsible. That is our first step and to find out if the ladies are ok," Dunn said.

Dunn says he knows there is an ongoing problem between some African American and Haitian students. A conflict, he says, the school can not resolve on its own.

"We need help - Police department, parents as well as other community members," he said.

Earlier today, a suspended student was found inside school. The principal threw him out and the Elizabeth police stopped him on the street.

The girls say he was one of the attackers. His identification was taken and he was sent on his way.

Carline and her friends were escorted back inside the building with the assurance that they will be safe, but with 2000 students and downtown nearby it will likely be an uphill battle.

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