Elderly woman has scooter stolen outside of church

November 19, 2010 3:18:40 PM PST
Tea and cookies, Liza Minelli, and a stolen scooter are three things you wouldn't think go together, but made for quite a week for an 86-year-old woman.

The victim was 86-year-old Ellie Krach who had her scooter stolen Thursday morning as she was visiting with her friend at church on 86th street.

"I think Ellie is someone who would rather give someone who took her cart a ride than push them away," said Ray Bagnuolo.

Ellie just couldn't believe what happened to her. "I can't believe there are people mean enough to take something someone needs," she said.

But there are good guys, too. Ellie adds, "A porter saw two women take it and put in into a van. He got the license plate, so I went to the police station."

But police say finding it will be tough. However, she keeps going with all good thoughts. Ellie makes lunch plans with her friend, Liza Minelli, and had Eyewitness News over for tea and cookies, showing fun photos of her late husband Bill.

Liza, whom Ellie has known since age 11 is giving her a scooter she used after knee surgery.

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