SUV goes through Long Island post office wall

November 22, 2010 2:16:12 PM PST
A post office worker who was late for his job is thanking his lucky stars.

The work week started with a giant crash at the Roosevelt post office as a Nissan Pathfinder punched through the wall of Terry Owen's office, and landed right on top of his desk.

"Normally I'm sitting at my desk at 6:45.That actually hit where I sit every morning," said Owen.

Owen is the officer in charge of the post office and ordinarily would be sitting at that desk around 7a.m., but this morning was different because he was late to work, so he could tend to his sick mother.

"I would've been dead. Exactly where it hit, the desk was pushed against this wall. I would have been gone," he said.

Police say an older woman behind the wheel of the SUV meant to hit the brakes, but instead slammed on the gas flying onto the curb and across the lawn, before pummeling through brick and cinder block and drywall, and wedging the car right into Owen's office.

Not only did he luck out, but there also were no pedestrians in the way. And because the damage was to the side office, the post office didn't even have to close.

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