Two arrested in craigslist housing scam

November 23, 2010 2:19:18 PM PST
Two people are under arrest after officials say they tried renting a house on Craigslist that they didn't own and someone was already living in.

"I think it's a shame nowadays with the recession, we work hard for our money," said Kathy Yozenas.

Kathy Yozenas was startled and didn't know what to think when a man knocked on her door saying he had rented the house she was already living in on East Hudson Street in Long Beach.

"I told him we had the apartment, and had not rented from the same guy," Yozenas said.

Police say it all started when 57-year-old Ezekiel Ramisir and his son 27-year-old Elviston placed an ad on Craigslist advertising a newly renovated 3-bedroom rental house in Long Beach.

They apparently found a family to rent and collected a total of $3,100.

But investigators say it was all a sham, and that they didn't even own the property.

Detectives say the Ramisir's even met with victims at the site.

The father posed as a landlord while the son pretended to be a real estate agent.

But, because they didn't own the house they continued to stall the family.

"When they couldn't occupy the house, they became suspicious and went to the office," said a police officer.

"I think it's a shame he lost his money, especially around the holidays," Yozenas said.

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