Pregnant woman claims she was wrongly arrested

November 23, 2010 2:34:50 PM PST
A woman who was seven months pregnant says she was wrongly arrested and held by police in an Eyewitness News exclusive.

She got caught in a police drug sweep, but despite her protests police kept her in jail for three days.

"They made me pull my pants down and my shirt up...and squat," said Stephanie Badillo.

Badillo's lawyer said she did absolutely nothing.

"There's no indication there's any drugs or narcotics. They're found drugs in the lobby in general. That has nothing to do with her. She is passing thru to see her boyfriend," said Neil Wollerstein.

Tuesday attorney Wollerstein will file a $1-million civil lawsuit against the city claiming police falsely arrested and imprisoned his 19-year-old client during a November 5th drug sweep inside Badillo's boyfriend's apartment building. Five minutes earlier she used her key to enter the building.

"They told us to put our hands on the wall. We asked them what we are getting arrested for. They told us shut up," adds Badillo.

Cops then brought Badillo to the 48th precinct where they held her overnight. The next day a Bronx assistant district attorney signed paperwork officially dropping any and all charges against the teen due to a lack of evidence. H

However Badillo says she spent two more days in custody, this time at Bronx central booking.

"You can't just arrest someone without legal justification, hold them for nearly three days, then open the side door and say, oops ? sorry," adds Wollerstein.

The NYPD says their records show a far different story. That Badillo was arrested just before midnight on the 5th and released just after midnight on the 7th for a total of 25 hours in police custody.