Donations meant for boy are stolen

Aidan Sullivan, 9

November 24, 2010 8:20:31 PM PST
The 9 year old son of a New York firefighter, born with a host of congenital disorders, has become the victim of a thief.

Someone stole $8,000 in donations from a fundraiser for the boy.

His parents want the thief to know what he or she really stole was Aidan Sullivan's chance at a better life.

"We were dumb founded. It's mind boggling. Everyone that was there knew it was a fund raiser for our son. It was to put an ear on a little kid," Tim Sullivan said.

Aidan's parents, Tim and Colleen, had an envelope filled with seven thousand dollars in cash and one thousand dollars in checks from a firefighters' fundraiser last Saturday.

The third grader was born with a congenital disorder where one side of his face is underdeveloped.

It caused these deformities in his jaw and skull and he has no right ear.

The money was to going to help pay for surgeons to construct an ear out of the cartilage from Aidan's rib.

The funds were also supposed to help the Sullivans tackle tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills not covered by their health insurance.

Aidan has already has 10 operations, the first at just nine months old.

Despite the painful surgeries, he was looking forward to the next operation in March.

The plan is to still do the surgery, but the question remains where will they get the money to pay for it?

If you are interested in helping the family, they have set up a Facebook page. CLICK HERE.

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