NYC regulators want new dress code for cabbies

File of a New York City cab (AP Photo)

November 26, 2010 4:49:18 AM PST
New York City's taxi regulators are planning a new dress code for cab drivers that requires them to "present a professional appearance."

Taxi and Limousine Commission chairman David S. Yassky tells The New York Times on Thursday that proper dress can't be enforced easily. He says the new code is an attempt to communicate standards.

Currently, cabbies can be fined for violating the dress code. It bans tube shirts, tank tops and bathing trunks.

The revised code doesn't mention specific types of apparel.

The New York Taxi Alliance's director, Bhairavai Desai, says she'd be concerned if the "idea of professional attire is left to the naked eye to decide." The alliance is an advocacy group for taxi drivers.

The new code is expected to be approved next month.

Information from: The New York Times,