Large donation after thief steals boy's surgey money

November 27, 2010 9:02:52 PM PST
It's a story that highlights the kindness of strangers. Earlier this week on Eyewitness News, we told you about a Putnam County family robbed of thousands of donated dollars set to be used for life-changing surgery on a young boy. There are now some good Samaritans just across the Hudson River who have come to the rescue.

Aiden Sullivan, 9, played with his toys Saturday afternoon perhaps unaware that complete strangers came together to help him.

"Thank you so much. We really do appreciate it. We're speechless," Aiden's father Tim Sullivan said.

As we first told you Wednesday night at 11, Aiden was born with a congenital disorder that's left one side of his face underdeveloped.

During a fundraiser last week, someone walked off with $8,000 that was going to be used for Aiden's medical bills.

Fast forward to Saturday; when a foundation in Rockland County presented the Sullivans with a check for $7,000.

"[We] hope this goes a long way to help this little man. I'm sure he's going to do very well," said Peter Crotty of the Vincent Crotty Memorial Foundation.

The money came from the Vincent Crotty Memorial Foundation which was formed in April after a car crash killed Suffern High School students Christopher Konkowski and Vincent Crotty.

Vincent's father says after experiencing the pain of losing a child he wants to make sure other parents don't have to go through the same heartache.

"If we can help alleviate that pain, even in some cases make it go away, then we are doing a good thing and it's worth it," Crotty said.

"We are humbled and we are honored. We are very thankful and that is the most important thing we want to stress that we are thankful for any support, especially this support. For them to step up and give the donation they did is incredible," Tim Sullivan said.

The Sullivans do have medical coverage, but Aiden's doctors do not take insurance. His surgery, which is scheduled for March, is expected to cost between $25,000 to $30,000.