Protests over Cathie Black as schools chancellor

November 28, 2010 3:52:38 PM PST
The long holiday weekend did nothing to stem the tide of protests surrounding Mayor Bloomberg's appointment of Cathie Black as the chancellor of New York City schools.

On Saturday, protestors hit the streets of Brooklyn. Sunday, there were protests in Lower Manhattan.

Within 36 hours a new movement called the 'Deny Waiver Coalition' has been born.

"The mayor was cynical enough to submit this waiver, right as the holiday weekend began thinking we'd all roll over and not pay attention. But we're here. And we're going to be here everyday," parent Chris Owens said.

A group of community leaders, parents, and teachers met Sunday afternoon on the steps of the Tweed Courthouse. They are pledging to stop the appointment of Cathie Black as chancellor of New York City schools.

"The issue of the waiver for Cathleen Black presents serious and substantial legal questions," Civil Rights attorney Norman Siegel said.

On Friday, Mayor Bloomberg sent a letter to State Education Commissioner David Steiner, proposing a compromise; that Cathie Black would appoint the now deputy chancellor, Shael Polakow-Suransky, for accountability and performance.

Polakow-Suransky would serve as her second in command if she got the top slot.

Education Commissioner David Steiner is expected to grant the waiver Monday.