Hero saves man from tracks, goes to work

November 29, 2010 2:31:08 PM PST
Across the track lay a barely conscious man, and the subway sign said the next 6 train was three minutes away.

"Get up! Get up! Train is coming! You're gonna get hit!" Carlos Flores said he shouted.

Flores said he had to save this guy because he had to get to work. An accident would mean losing out on a big payday. So, he jumped down on the tracks and helped the guy back onto the platform.

But he said he had to go because on Sundays he makes time and a half at his job. He works 6 days a week in the produce section of a supermarket. Why? That's life, plus his 10-year-old son Carlos Anthony has a long and expensive Christmas list.

You know how they say timing is everything in life? Well, in this case it saved two lives. Every single morning Carlos goes to work with his wife. Every morning all year long, except that Sunday morning.

"If it were just he and I there's no way I would have let him do that -- jump on those tracks," Stephanie Carraquillo said.

In fact, Stephanie, his wife of 11 years, says she's certain she would have stopped him.

"He's a beautiful person. I love him," she said.

Rest of the story? The man rescued from the tracks is okay. He may have suffered a seizure.

It also turned out to be alright that the 36-year-old New Yorker was 40 minutes late to work.

His boss even promised him dinner.

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