Bus passenger angry over ticket

November 29, 2010 3:24:42 PM PST
A New York City bus passenger says she is angry over the big ticket she got because she couldn't figure out the new system of how to pre-pay for an express bus fare.

Her punishment was a confrontation with police, a $100 fine, and a day in court.

"It was a horrible experience to be honest with you," Daryn Mayer said.

Daryn Mayer is furious and feels like the MTA is picking on her and other riders.

Eyewitness News saw plenty, who aren't yet up to speed with the city's new fare system along Second Avenue.

"You feel like you're being harassed, singled out, feel like you are being charged like some kind of criminal," Mayer said.

Her troubles started when she tried to board a select bus at 78th Street, the express.

In mid October, a new system was put in place where you now must pay at machines before getting on board the M15.

They do take MetroCards, and you get a little white receipt.

This was all new to Daryn who told Eyewitness News that she got on the bus and tried to swipe her MetroCard.

The driver explained she had to pay outside.

"I looked at him, the front doors were closed and I said OK, can you wait a second, he said no, and basically said ride for free, don't pay, ride for free," Mayer said.

She says she took a seat.

At 68th Street Daryn claims she was going to get off the bus and using her MetroCard pay at the machine.

Instead, several inspectors got on who were carrying out random a check.

"They said I have to get off the bus now and I said, 'what do you mean', they said, 'you have to get off the bus, come with me'," Mayer said.

They gave her a $100 ticket stating she "Couldn't produce a proof of payment receipt", and she says she plans to fight it.

"Unfortunately in order for the system to work they have to ticket because you know if you're not going to get ticketed you're going to get on the bus, I've been tempted," said Jen Trujillo, a passenger.

The driver denies ever telling Daryn she could ride for free, adding she became combative, something she insists isn't true.

"She could have just waited for the local and taken the local and put her card into the slot," said Neha Shah, a passenger.

The MTA pointed out that she also could have gotten off, paid at the machine, and gotten on the next express bus.

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