Cathie Black appears at local school

November 30, 2010 2:24:29 PM PST
The woman set to take over New York City schools went back to school today.

Cathie Black, Mayor Bloomberg and Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott accompanied the chancellor-to-be on a visit to PS 109 in Highbridge.

"I'm very much of an outreach person, historically, and I look forward to it cause that's where I'm going to learn more, and I want to be in the schools and listen to the students and get a feel for the schools and get a feel for their leadership," said Black.

The idea was to meet and greet parents. Some of them were impressed.

"I'm sure she's going to do a beautiful job here at PS 109. It's a beautiful school," said Ella Green.

Ms. Black and the deputy mayor visited classrooms without the mayor. Cameras were not allowed inside, but Black was upbeat about interacting with kids.

"We asked them what they wanted to be when they grow up and we had everything from a policeman to the man who brings out babies," added Black.

The string of protests over the mayor's selection of Ms. Black and her lack of education credentials, have led to skepticism for some parents.

"Does she know what she's doing? None of us actually know because we weren't told anything about who she is," said Carlton Curry.

Black was asked today about her qualifications.

"The mayor has said, right from the beginning in our first conversation, what i need is a very experienced manager who's used to complex organizations, who is a decision-maker and who is a very good people-person, and he chose me," said Black.

There are parents at PS 109 who simply want results.

"I'm hoping for the best for our kids. Our kids need the best education there is," said Mayra Martinez.

There are more protests, and even a possible lawsuit planned against Cathie Black becoming chancellor. But she is functioning as if she is already on the job, and she says she will officially become chancellor on January 3rd.