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November 30, 2010 2:42:17 PM PST
A Soundman sounds off saying he wasn't paid after primaries by Rick Lazio's campaign.Broken promises are part of politics, right? We understand elections, checks take awhile to get processed. But when the buck got passed and promises to pay were made and broken over and over, it was time for 7 On Your Side to get the checks in the mail.

Last September, as former congressman Rick Lazio was dropping out of the race for Governor of New York, it was David Silver's job to make sure his voice didn't drop out too. "We jumped through hoops to make it happen," said the owner of Silver Productions.

Silver got the last minute call from a Lazio campaign rep. His audio visual company hired to provide a sound system for the gubernatorial hopeful's primary night event.

The bill? More than $1,200. Silver says he was told he'd be paid within a week of the event.

But nearly 2 months after Lazio lost the Republican primary, David has only a slew of emails to show for his work.

David say, weeks after the event, he found the Lazio campaign passed the buck to the GOP to pay. In the end, they agreed to split the bill. But still no money arrived.

"It's really important for a small business. you know thats actually quite a bit of money you know for us existence money, payroll we had to pya our guys we had to take it out of our pocket."

David not only runs an AV company, he's also a local band leader who's performed at thousands of weddings and clubs. He says he's never had a harder time getting paid for such an easy last minute gig.

This is New York, and things can get lost in the shuffle, but after we called Albany both the GOP and Lazio's campaign said the checks had been cut but not sent. 2 days after our call both checks arrived at Silver Productions.

That made one soundman sound off, "You guys came to bat for us and it worked."

A rep at the New York GOP told us they weren't sponsors of the event. But when they heard about the payment problem they stepped up and paid half.

Both Lazio's campaign and the GOP said they thought they thought this bill was paid in a timely manner. But, the Lazio rep who hired David Silver said the payment should have been made weeks before.


Story by: Nina Pineda

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