Boot camp workout to shed holiday pounds

November 30, 2010 2:57:59 PM PST
If you are looking for the best way to get fit and keep off the holiday pounds, boot camp can be a one stop shop.

If you have eaten a little too much stuffing over the last several days, sign up for a boot camp and you'll see the stuffing and pretty much everything else melt away, that is, if you can make it through the class.

For an hour, Alex Fell and Ruben Belliard counted, yelled, and motivated a group to sweat.

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp is a walk in the park for the two former marines who run it, but it is hardly just a walk for the participants.

Most of the people in the program have been taking part for several days a week for months, some even a year.

A new study shows that boot camps are the hot exercise trend for 2011.

In part, because it's one stop shopping for your body.

"Our clients get into the best shape of their lives, they can't get this anywhere else," Alex Fell said.

There's cardio and weight training, basic exercises, and an obstacle course.

You also get encouragement from everyone else.

Your group members and leaders cheering you on gives you that extra incentive to run one more lap, do one more squat thrust, and do one more pushup, with a smile.

"It never gets easier, but I get better and better, with the best results," said Jennifer Lee, a participant in the class.

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