Phone app helps police track down robbery suspect

December 1, 2010 3:00:29 PM PST
Technology and a man's quick thinking helped police in New Jersey catch a thief in a matter of minutes.

The victim was able to lead cops right to the robber all while he sat inside his home.

GPS and a unique tracking program allowed Paterson police to recover a stolen car.

Thanks to the tracking software, Stalin Guzman knew exactly where his cell phone and his car were located.

"Your phone, if you keep it inside your car and something like this happens, it will locate it," he said.

As he left to go get food for his family, the sight of a gun was enough to frighten the father who was approached by a stranger as he was getting into his car.

"I look at the gun and say, 'Is that real gun?' And he tells me, 'You want to see?' And he points it towards my face. At this time I get worried and I'm just backing up," adds Guzman.

Police say the suspect jumps in his car and speeds off and Stalin suddenly remembered his cell phone is in the car and on his laptop the "Lookout Mobile Security" program that allows him to track the phone's whereabouts by GPS.

"When I hit the located button it said it was over by the Temple Street area," adds Guzman.

Just seven minutes later, police spotted the car on Mill Street and surrounded the suspect.

"The suspect was getting out and at that time a chase ensued and the officers saw him drop a 380-caliber automatic on the ground," police said.

Officers arrested 27-year-old Marcus Sermond and charged him with robbery and weapons possession.

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