Hospital worker accused of stealing millions

December 2, 2010 4:00:50 PM PST
The suspect, according to court documents, was making 37-thousand dollars a year, but investigators reveal he was living the high life.

Working as a receiving clerk at Memorial Sloan-Kettering's outpatient facility, 31-year old Marque Gumbs is accused of stealing more than a million dollars.

Investigators believe it could be as much as 3.8-million dollars, Eyewitness news has learned, over the last three years.

A criminal complaint revealed Gumbs, as part of his job, was ordering toner ink cartridges from Office Depot, then selling them elsewhere.

Instead of having those orders delivered to a second floor receiving site, the complaint says the orders would be diverted to another area. Gumbs allegedly would sometimes even meet the delivery out on the street.

During one period from October of last year to August of this year, Gumbs is accused of ordering more than 1.2-million dollars of toner, which according to the complaint "...was not compatible with any machine..." in the facility.

Hospital officials say they brought the matter to the attention of police.

The investigation found that Gumbs purchased a 2011 BMW X-6 by putting down a deposit of 50-thousand, 500 dollars.

Investigators say in Bank of Amercia account statements, they discovered nearly 150-thousand dollars in deposits.

Condos in the plush Trump Tower in New Rochelle are said to range from 700,000 to nearly 2-million dollars. Investigators say Gumbs lived on the 30th floor.

Gumbs was arraigned on a charge of grand larceny. He was held on 100-thousand dollars bail.

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