Baby dies after aunt gives him cough medicine

A 4-month-old Brooklyn boy died after his aunt gave him drug store cough medicine.

December 3, 2010 2:18:41 PM PST
A 4-month-old Brooklyn boy died after his aunt gave him drug store cough medicine, police said.

People who live on Greene Avenue say 4 month-old Daniel Richardson was laughing and smiling earlier this week. Authorities say he stopped breathing Thursday night just after his Aunt Patricia gave him the cough medicine.

Little Daniel was rushed to the hospital where he died.

"It shouldn't have happened. They should be more aware of what they're giving their kids," neighbor Taisha Matos said.

Still, many parents aren't aware of the guidelines in effect for several years now.

No baby under the age of 2 is ever supposed to take over-the-counter medications meant for older children. In fact, they're not even recommended for children under age 6.

"There are decongestants in them, which can cause the heart to race. There are anti-histamines that can make children very sleepy. And there are cough syrups, some of which have depressants," Dr. Michael Marcus of Maimonides Medical Center said.

The baby's family is coping with the tragedy, denying our requests for an interview.

Those who know his aunt insisted that she never meant little Daniel any harm.

A lot of parents on this block with the best intentions also say they simply had no idea that something meant to make a child feel better could produce deadly results.

The aunt who gave him the medicine was interviewed by police, but no charges were expected.

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