New Jersey neighbor sues Dr. Oz over trees

Angelo Bisceglie is suing the celebrity TV heart surgeon because he says the three 30-foot cedars planted next to his Cliffside Park property are destroying his view of the Manhattan skyline.

December 3, 2010 2:43:00 PM PST
Trees planted by Dr. Mehmet Oz are giving his New Jersey neighbor agita.

It's hard to tell from the street, but next door to Dr. Oz's house, in the backyard are three trees that are blocking the view of the Biscegile's.

The three large 30 foot cedar trees just put up by Dr. Oz is privacy for his swimming pool.

"When I woke up I saw they were putting the trees up. When I asked what he was doing, he said 'Don't worry, go back in the house, we're just planting trees'," said Hana Biscegile.

There are three up now, and two more coming. The three that are already up are enough to block the Bisceglie's view of the Empire State Building and downtown.

Hana says they asked Dr. Oz to either remove the trees or at least trim them.

The answer was no, so they have filed a lawsuit.

It's all this neighborhood can talk about.

The Bisceglie's lawsuit alleges the bamboo trees damaged his home and the cedar trees are costing him more than $500,000 in value on his house.

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