L.I. home gets ticket for Christmas lights

December 3, 2010 3:57:40 PM PST
Holiday decorations in a front yard are once again the center of a dispute. Thousands of Christmas lights that raise money for local charities are said to be on public property and the homeowners in the village of Lindenhurst have been given summonses.

Every holiday season, Mary Groth performs magic turning her home on North Broadway into a Christmas playground.

There are 30,000 thousand lights.

She even collects money from those who stop by and donates a few hundred dollars to charity.

But now the village of Lindenhurst may be forcing Groth to pull the plug on her holiday cheer.

She was issued a summons for not having a certificate for electrical wiring. Toy soldiers were deemed an obstruction for being too close to the curb.

Support from the community has been overwhelming.

One village official tells Eyewitness News they can't loosen up on what could pose a danger to the community.

The electrical work for 30,000 lights needs to be approved by a licensed electrician. If it's not, Groth will have to take down the display.

"I don't make this to make people unhappy. I do it to make people happy," she said.

The town says the family has been warned repeatedly about the display and wiring, and people have complained.

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