Accused con man arrested in New Jersey

December 5, 2010 11:01:36 AM PST
Dexter Davis is detained and his days of being an alleged con artist, preying on high school kids, may be over thanks to persistence of police and Eyewitness News.

Over the summer Eyewitness News reporter, Jeff Pegues cornered Davis in a New York office but he made a mad dash realizing his scheme had been revealed.

Davis bolted to the basement and found his way out to the street finally jumping a subway turnstile and making a daring dash down the tracks.

He got away then, but all of this came back to bite Davis after he contacted kids at Hackensack High School last month promising jobs.

That's when his run from our camera caught up to him.

Hackensack police set up an early morning sting Saturday.

Davis went to the Bergen County Courthouse to get a ride to meet more kids early Saturday morning.

He expected to go to an address he called his office which is really a McDonald's on River Street.

But instead, he was placed in a police car.

Authorities say his scam involved selling raffle tickets and flyers to raise money promising kids a salary of $10 to $12 per hour and more.

Davis has tried his con on high school kids in New York, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Hoboken, New Jersey where he did get some money from some unsuspecting students who bought raffle tickets.

But, Dexter Davis never suspected his Eyewitness News encounter would be his downfall.

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