Rangel: ready to move forward

Rep. Charles Rangel

December 5, 2010 2:13:05 PM PST
Embattled Congressman Charles Rangel said on Saturday that he was done discussing his censure in the House of Representatives.

On Sunday, the Harlem democrat appeared on CNN to reiterate that he is ready to move on.

Rangel said on 'State of the Union', "I hope that my overzealousness - whether it's for education, for health care, to get people back to work - that I follow the rules, don't make mistakes and get on with my life and try to make life better for so many others."

Rangel received a standing ovation during a town hall meeting at a Harlem hospital on Saturday.

Last week, he was censured after the House found he had failed to pay taxes on a vacation villa, filed misleading financial disclosure forms and improperly solicited donations for a college center.