Safe stolen from Fairfield restaurant

December 7, 2010 2:50:16 PM PST
At the Gray Goose in Fairfield the doors still need to be fixed, and the safe has been replaced in the aftermath of a brazen burglary.

It was a break-in that the restaurant's owners had feared.

It happened just before 3 a.m. Monday.

A car pulled up alongside of the restaurant.

Within seconds, one suspect tried to pull open the locked door.

When he couldn't, he ran and got a crowbar and forced it open.

For the next few minutes three men ran through the establishment.

One prowled through the kitchen with a crowbar, at one point checking the contents of a freezer, and then on his way out he hit the surveillance camera.

But, another device captured the big score: When another suspect found the office and stole the safe, and ran out with it cradled in his arms.

The suspects then drove off.

The whole thing lasted about three minutes.

It's believed the men have hit a number of restaurants in the area.

In September, Viva Zapata in Westport was also robbed of its safe and a 250 pound ATM was taken.

Back in Fairfield, the staff at Gray Goose has already made a number of security adjustments and is working with police and other restaurant owners.

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