Police officers accused of hiding keys

December 9, 2010 2:41:19 PM PST
It was a week ago last Thursday. Our cameras were there as hundreds of police officers were protesting at a fundraiser for Mayor Jerramiah Healy.Healy plans to lay off 82 police officers and demote 12 superior officers because of budget troubles.

Most in the crowd were civil, but some were shouting nasty things and making personal attacks.

"They were screaming. Their signs were very unprofessional - the things that were written on them. And they were banging on the windows of the restaurant," aide Kathleen Curran said.

That is to be expected when tempers flare, but what Jersey City police say two of their own did is certainly not expected or accepted behavior.

Curran was one of the people on the receiving end.

She was at the fundraiser and needed to leave early to get home to her two kids.

"When I went out, my keys weren't there," she said.

Police say two officers went into the valet booth took a bunch of keys and threw them in the bushes.

Maybe they thought they would blend in because there were hundreds of officers out here, but you'd think a police officer would be smarter and know the layout. Surveillance cameras caught them in the act.

Internal affairs investigated. They watched the video, found the two officers and charged them with conduct unbecoming.

In a statement, Police Chief Tom Comey said, "Both police officers involved were remorseful and took full responsibility for their actions. Additionally, the officers have apologized for their juvenile behavior and any embarrassment they have caused the department and the city."

Curran was more than an hour late for her kids that night.

"I'm glad that they are remorseful and realize that this was not the way to act," she said.

The officers face suspension for the alleged acts, officials said.

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