Manhattanville burglary spree

December 9, 2010 3:21:10 PM PST
A burglar has struck 16 times in Manhattanville, leaving many residents on edge.

A young man, thought to be no older than 20 years old has stymied police by continuing a residential burglary spree for five months, since late July.

His favorite point of entry is an open window, accessible from the street or perhaps by climbing a fire escape.

Eyewitness News showed a sketch to Bernice Dingle who has lived on 129th Street for 15 years without an incident.

"He apparently slithers in through windows, gets in unnoticed. I'm on the first floor. So, thank you, thank you. I will keep my eye out," Dingle said.

He has targeted a relatively small area from West 126th Street to West 130th Street, Amsterdam on the West and St. Nicholas Avenue on the East.

Back in September, he climbed into an apartment at 419, where even security cameras scan the front of the building.

"The fact that he can get away with 16 burglaries in five months and nobody sees him, they can't catch him? When they do catch him they should send him to marine boot camp and send him to Afghanistan," one resident said.

Just looking around the neighborhood, there was just one small flier with a little information about the burglaries in sight, and that has residents troubled.

"It's really scary, and it's scary that it's not more publicized that they don't have his image up. It's really frightening," Marla Dirks, an area resident said.

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