Teacher has miscarriage breaking up school fight

December 10, 2010 3:36:38 AM PST
There is growing concern over violence in New York City schools after a pregnant teacher was injured and suffered a miscarriage during a fight between two students in the Bronx on Wednesday.

The teacher, 27-year-old Lissedia Batista, is well-liked by the students. She has decided not to press charges, even after she tragically lost her baby, for fear they will end up in the city's criminal justice system.

Investigators say a ninth-grader and 11th grader were arguing over a chair when one of them lunged across a table. Batista, who was four months pregnant at the time, rushed in to break it up and fell.

Officials at Explorations Academy in Claremont say Batista was rushed to North Bronx Central Hospital, where she had a miscarriage.

Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott released a statement saying, "This is a very sad incident, and my heart goes out to Mrs. Batista and her family. I reached out to the principal and Mrs. Batista to express my sincere condolences."

Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Federation of Teachers, also releasing a statement saying, "Students, parents and teachers deserve to go to school in a safe learning environment every day."

Both students have been suspended. The teachers' union will meet with the board of education to discuss this incident and two others in which teachers had to deal with fighting students.

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