Looming Jersey City police layoffs prompt protest

December 16, 2010 4:10:39 AM PST
With layoffs looming, Jersey City cops broke out the picket signs Wednesday night.

More than 80 police officers could lose their jobs unless the city and the police union reach an agreement.

The negotiations have been heated, and some of that anger was on display during a city council hearing.

"Tell the mayor, 'no to the layoffs and yes to protecting the citizens of Jersey City'," said one resident.

Police union officials accuse the city of mismanagement, and of failing to consider alternate revenue sources to make up for declining state aid.

"We believe they take, take, take and are not open to other concession," said Jerry DiCicco, of the Police Officers Benevolent Association.

But the Mayor says the city has softened during the negotiations.

He says instead of asking for $8 million in concessions from the police union, the number is now half that.

"We've given a lot," Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy said.

Whether the Mayor can achieve that goal remains in doubt after another public display that suggests the police union's digging in and is not yet close to making a deal.

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