Police search for clues, identity of remains

December 16, 2010 8:16:33 PM PST
A missing New Jersey prostitute was not among the four women whose bodies were found over the past week on a deserted beach highway on Long Island, detectives said Thursday.

The remains were not of Shannan Gilbert, but what about Megan Waterman?

The 22-year-old prostitute from Maine is also missing.

"My gut tells me she's no longer with us," said Megan's mother.

Her mother is waiting for word from investigators, who are working with DNA provided by Waterman's family to determine if she may have been the victim of a potential serial killer.

Over the past two years, someone has been killing and dumping women along Gilgo Beach.

Four badly decomposed bodies have been discovered since Saturday.

Suffolk County Police are warning residents against jumping to conclusions.

However, with the search expanding there is cause for concern.

Thursday cadaver dogs provided by the state police searched a ten mile stretch for clues.

Police also searched the home and seized the SUV of the man who may have been among the last people to see Shannan Gilbert alive.

Joseph Brewer is now staying at his mother's home in West Islip, where Thursday he proclaimed his innocence.

"The truth will come out," Brewer said.

Later, in a phone interview he broke down in tears adding, "Truth and time are my only friends, I have nothing to say."

Investigators say Brewer contacted Gilbert through her listing on Craigslist.

He says he invited her to his home in Oak Beach.

The prostitute was later seen running for her life in the area.

Brewer says he asked her to leave because she was acting irrationally.

Police have not charged Brewer with a crime, nor has he been named a suspect.

The search for answers is intensifying and now stretching west to cover more of Long Island's beaches.

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