Cop injured during shootout leaves hospital

December 17, 2010 3:19:40 PM PST
An NYPD officer who suffered potentially life-threatening injuries in the line of duty left the hospital Friday.

Moving slowly, held up by crutches, a strong spirit and the support of his fellow officers, Ricardo Ramirez walked out of the hospital.

He was given the Jets Jersey 75 as a nod to his 75th precinct house.

It was beautiful his family said to see him leave the hospital exactly two months to the day the 29 year old was shot 3 times by a teenager.

"We are so happy he is alive. Thank God for everything!" said Sonia Cardoba, Officer Ramirez's aunt.

Officer Ramirez's words as he stepped into a waiting van: "I'm going home to be around my family and that's it".

After such a long road, he's ready to be home.

On the October night Ramirez was shot in East New York, police say officers were on patrol in a neighborhood dealing with shootings and robberies.

Police went to stop a 17 year old riding a bike, which then ran into a building where the teen opened fire, hitting Ramirez twice in the leg and once in his protective vest.

The PBA is livid the alleged shooter was out on bail for Thanksgiving, while Ramirez was in a hospital bed.

10 deep his buddies showed their support, but doctors say his closest friends on the force never left his side.

Just weeks ago, getting home for Christmas was a dream, but not anymore.

Doctors say his prognosis from here is excellent.

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