Vet and dog hoping for a Christmas miracle

December 21, 2010 3:36:46 AM PST
A Good Samaritan found a 3-year-old Rottweiler wandering the streets of the Bronx, bleeding and limping.

He saved her life by rushing her to a center where a veterinarian performed an emergency surgery.

Now, they have one goal: to find her owner.

There are thousands of holiday stories about humans. But this one is about a dog and the veterinarians at Yonkers' Animal Specialty Center who have made it their mission to reunite the dog with her family by Christmas.

"It's a great thing that there are people who can take care of pets, I can only imagine if I came home and my dog was not there, especially at this time of year, the holidays," said Dr. Joseph Palamara, of the Animal Specialty Center.

They call the pooch Barbara.

The Rottweiler looks healthy now, but on the day she was brought in, had she not received immediate attention, she might have died.

"She had an infection in her uterus," Dr. Palamara said.

She was found wandering the streets of the Bronx at night almost two weeks ago, bleeding and suffering.

"She was going real slow, it looked like she was hurt," said Christopher Rosato, who found the dog. "222 and Carpenter, that's where we found her."

He took her home and then, realizing she needed medical attention, called for help. He later brought her to the Animal Specialty Center.

That's where doctors operated on her, and now, they say, the prognosis is good.

"We scanned her for a microchip, and collar, nothing so far," Dr. Palamara said.

They hope her owner will come forward soon.

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