Unique gift ideas for your holiday party

December 21, 2010 3:01:56 PM PST
It is a season old dilemma - what to buy your friend who is giving that holiday party.

We crisscrossed Manhattan and the internet and found a bunch of real standouts. The folks at In Style magazine also had great suggestions.

These gifts will last beyond just that evening. Starting with this simple yet sophisticated box of treats, the perfect escape and perfect price is just 34 dollars.

"Everything comes in a rich white palette; this has luxurious soaps, salt, saches, it's dreamy," said Isabel Gonzalez Whitaker, from In Style Magazine.

You might not buy this for yourself but you would buy this for somebody else and then maybe tempted to buy for yourself to.

From Tunesia, these oversized guest towels in vibrant colors, each costs less than $20.

For both the coffee lover, this gourmet variety is shipped straight from a café in Rome.

This interesting tower is everything you need for afternoon tea - the saucer, mug and creamer all stacked on top of each other.

"It's porcelain, so it's very well made and what's nice is it's only $30 and whether your host drinks tea of not, there's always going to be a guest that enjoys tea," said Isabel.

For the friend who has everything, what about a mobile spice kit. It will add flare to any meal; keep it in a picnic basket or at a beach house. It costs $30 and will have the host saying, wow that was great.

Next, we headed over to the limelight marketplace and scouted out edible gifts. We were drawn to this set of mini brownies by Mari's, there's caramel sea salt and Thai coffee. This showstopper at the butterfly bakeshop will make a lasting impression. The folks at Jezalin's will pack up cheeses, cured meats, whatever you want and deliver it in this rustic crate. Moreover, at Ruby Et Violette, you'll find more than 120 flavors of chocolate chunk cookies, picking them is half the fun.

Guest towels, $16-20 dollars each at www.scentsandfeel.com

Tea Tower, $30 dollars at www.uncommongoods.com

Ground Coffee, $14 dollars at www.gustiamo.com

Mobile Spice Kit, $30 dollars at www.foodiekits.com

Bath Set, $34 dollars at 617-734-3669

The Limelight Marketplace
656 6th Avenue