Nicole Tessa's death ruled a homicide

December 23, 2010 8:23:31 AM PST
Authorities said late Wednesday afternoon that Nicole Tessa died at the hand of another.

The ruling that her death was a homicide came shortly after her emotionally distraught husband talked to reporters.

"I know her as a caring loving mother who tried to do everything she could for her children and her family and everything," Joseph Jones said.

Jones held back tears late Wednesday afternoon, still reeling from the loss of his wife and the mother of his 3-year-old son.

"I got my son inside asking me what going on why you sad? I don't even know what to say to him," he said.

Detectives canvassed the neighborhood and searched the nearby woods for clues in Nicole's unusual death. Authorities have not said how she died.

A specially trained cadaver dog found the body of the 31-year-old Tuesday afternoon in the woods near the couple's home.

Jones says Nicole disappeared Friday, after the couple fought over drugs. Police say he waited two days to report her missing.

Detectives brought him in for questioning, but have not named him as a suspect or even a person of interest. He's been holed up in his basement apartment ever since.

"I can barely sleep. I can't eat. Every time I eat I throw up and get sick," he said.

Neighbors say the couple argued often. Joseph Palomeque lives down the block.

"You don't argue with somebody and he leaves and then she leaves, and then she's found in the woods dead. I mean it doesn't make any sense," Palomeque said.

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