Rooftop rink takes ice skating to new heights

December 23, 2010 3:02:17 PM PST
You will not notice it from the street. However, up on that terrace, there is an ice rink. Call it skating in the sky.

The ice skating rink is 12 by 40 in the downtown area.

West New York Downtown Hotel sits south of where the Freedom Tower is going up. Therefore, you can look out on the construction as you skate and sip drinks from the ice bar.

Neither the bar nor the rink is actually made of ice. Instead, it is called hybrid ice. Really just plastic boards coated with a polymer that is slippery and allows for skating.

The hotel offers rentals for 12 dollars that come with a hot hand warmer, or you can use your own skates and come for free.

A little further north in the Meatpacking area, the Standard Hotel also offers skating street side, and just below the high line. This rink is made of ice and a mini Zamboni keeps the 3000 square foot surface slick.

In addition, along with the rink, you can rent skates or enjoy snacks and drinks served rink-side along with cozy blankets for when you want to put your feet up.

The Standard plans to keep its rink up until March.

So whether it is real ice or not, it is the season to lace up.